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Pest Control Maintentance Packages

We offer low price and affordable packages for our treatment and preventative pest control services.

In2Care Mosquito Station

Spring is coming to Signal Mountain and so are the Mosquitos and Cicadas!

We are now installing the In2Care Mosquito Stations to control breeding of mosquitoes and eliminate them before they hatch.  Stations are $25 each with monthly refills at $8 Plus Service call to install or service.
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We are expecting an outbreak of 2 types of cicadas around the middle to end of April. Similar to our mosquito treatments, we have ordered products that can help reduce the amount of cicadas attacking your trees in Signal Mountain & shrubs. The 2024 Cicada Forecast is out!. Get your cicada travel plans ready! Both Brood XIX (Nineteen) and Brood XIII (Thirteen) will emerge in the United States of America in 2024.
Basic Protection Guarantee


In addition to one-time Service Calls, we offer custom, turn-key maintenance plans available on a monthly and quarterly basis, to provide you with the best service possible. Regular scheduled treatments are the best way to eliminate pests and prevent them from retiring to your home or business.

Spring Yard Treatments:

Mosquito Yard treatment $79.00
Flea & Tick Yard treatment $105.00
Carpenter Bee treatments $105.00
Cicadas Yard treatment $105.00

New Services for 2024: Nest and Wildlife Removal

*New prices effective 2024.

Ultimate Home Protection Guarantee

Basic Broad Spectrum

$105* Quarter

Broad Spectrum + Termite

$185* Quarter

Broad Spectrum + Rodent

$185* Quarter

Ultimate Home Protection

$249* Quarter

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